The Story

The Story:

Time passes us by faster than we realize, so we shouldn’t let our dreams travel with time and pass us by as well. Our Founder, Ryan Rodriguez realized this one Saturday afternoon while on a long walk along the sandy beaches of Cape Cod. Suddenly, the nerve to go after that dream hit hard and became a reality.

During this long but relaxing walk, the idea to form a luxury skin care line came to mind. Creating a brand to really be proud of and forming a business that would be exciting to promote is what was most important. Ryan realized that throughout the years, he always had an interest in skincare and the science behind it, thus, the sudden urge to begin the research and development was imminent. 

Years later, after working long hours throughout the day in Multifamily Property Management, Ryan would plan his evenings accordingly by studying ingredients, branding ideas, and learning the roots of the skincare world. From there, RMISS finally came to life! In case you’re wondering how the name RMISS was thought of, the term Mister & Miss supports the back end of the name, and after saying it over 100 times, the sound felt interesting, yet elegant. Once the logo and branding came together, it was certain the name RMISS would represent the line well.

Our goal is to target both the Male and Female audience - (Mister & Miss). Skincare should be important to both genders - everybody should feel good within the skin they're in. However, historically it's been primarily a woman's world, and with that being said, our intention is to be supportive to the male population by opening the door to encourage everybody to participate in spa days, good skincare routines, and enjoying the relaxing benefits that skincare has to offer!


A personal message from our Founder: 

 Skincare has always been an interest to me because as a young adult, I struggled with severe acne. Now that I am getting older, I think about the aging process. Age is factored by many things such as genes, quality of life, consumption, and in my opinion, happiness. Good skincare products work great, but work even better when what life throws at us is balanced well. I want to put a quality skin care line out into the world, and as we grow, my brand will also point out helpful tips that start within and shine through on the outer layer! 

I hope you enjoy the products you have purchased from RMISS, I truly believe in each and every one of them and plan to continue producing additional products as the company develops and becomes more successful over time!

Ryan Rodriguez, Founder

RMISS, The Skin Collection